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Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Charles

I founded an award-winning real estate agency in Croatia ( and a company designed to help people find the information, products and services they need to plan a move abroad ( These are both current and ongoing.

Prior to these, I was a Fixed Income Fund Manager in the City for a number of years.

I am interested in finding a technical co-founder(s). I have a concept for a project which is a B2B SaaS open-source app aimed at the SME market. It should be simple, intuitive to use and, given the nature of the functionality, relatively simple to build.

The real challenge will be scaling the app for large numbers of users and actually attracting customers in sufficient volumes to be attractive to users. I have a number of ideas how to build and scale the app but I lack,

i) a CTO-type who can lend credibility in front of investors and
ii) a (small) team to provide additional time, effort and focus to bring the project to life

I am looking for people with development/technical/project skills to help me bring my concept to life. As the plan is to attract seed funding, financial commitment, though useful, is less important than a real commitment to make it work.

In return, equity is available for a partner(s) sharing the vision (or hopefully improving on it!) and who is prepared to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty to bring the project to life.

Managing People