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About Taoideas

I'm looking build a sold team with the right co-founder(s) that can help us scale from product-market fit (paying customers) to a huge global market:

Technical - full stack with very strong front end (Angular, Bootstrap etc). Solid dbase experience (Azure SQL a bonus); build, test and monitoring frameworks; oversee build and maintenance of APIs; and come up with creative ways to present our data are but a few of the magic you can perform to make us into a fast growth business.

There is a lot of opportunity in our current and adjacent spaces so a passion and curiosity to make things happen in fintech is a must!

While the basic core product is built, there is huge room for improvement and plenty of room to put your stamp on it! This is only the beginning and there is a lot more to achieve with a short window of opportunity. The right team mix is the only thing that will get us there, else this will end up a small lifestyle business and bigger, better funded teams will close the market gap.

I'm really passionate about fintech and mentor a few startups at a leading accelerator in London.

I've had an interesting career and am only getting started in the fintech startup world! I started out in management consulting, helping clients all over the world. Moving into investment banking, I helped finance some interesting entities, ranging from wildlife conservancies to banks and telecoms operators. Seeking bigger challenges, I then moved into turnaround and rescue. I also took a gap in my professional career to launch a high end restaurant and bar in Africa.

After 20+ year experience in the financial services industry (credit and lending, investment management, shared services, operational turnaround and management consulting) I co-founded a fintech start-up focused on small and midmarket businesses (SMBs) a few years ago.

It's been an amazing journey so far and we learned a lot about how SMBs really manage their finances, and how they approach new SaaS products. After steady customer engagement and product refining, our core SMB offering is now gaining traction with paying customers in 4 markets. And we're only just getting started!

We're a small bootstrapped team with some accelerator and angel investment. Now that we have refined the core product to a level where paying customers are trusting us with their business finances (I can honestly confess that this was much harder and slower to achieve than imagined!) and referring us, we're ready for a fundraise, team expansion and ramped up marketing/sales.

We're changing the way businesses manage their finances and interact with banks and larger customers. We've had enquiries from the enterprise segment but arent yet equipped to capitalize on these opportunities. We need the right team!

Curious? Lets start with a chat and take it from there!

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