Loren Kunkee

Kalamazoo, Michigan, US

Loren's Skills
CNC Mill
Alibre Design
PLC Programming
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
Industrial Robots
Additive Manufacturing

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Loren

I am a maker and roboticist with delusions of grandeur. I have wonderful ideas, but don't have all the skills needed to make them a reality.

From profiting off hobby interests like large-scale RC tanks and potato guns, to innovations in 3D printing and robotics applications, I have ideas that can make anywhere from a little to a lot of money. Plenty of need for circuit board printers and robotic hand trucks.

Aside from the omnipresent need for money, I need help with the financial and business side, most of my career has not been people oriented. Depending on the project, engineering and programming would be welcome as well.

As far as what I have to offer, I have an associate's degree in manufacturing technology, and am an experienced machinist and maker. If you need something made, I can help you with that, and even with setting up the shop to make it with. I have my own 3D printer and CAD workstation, so there's plenty I can do even now.


Casper College

Aas Manufacturing and robotics

2012 - 2015

Co-working Space

Kzoo makerspace

2017 - Today