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Hello CoFoundersLab People! Excited to be diving into the startup world as an educator with a business background. I studied information systems and marketing at the University of Maryland, but decided to teach at an Alliance charter school in South LA through Teach for America while getting my Masters in Urban Education Administration and Policy at Loyola Marymount University. After 3 years of being a successful teacher, I moved into coaching other teachers, writing curriculum and delivering professional development to mostly beginning teachers. I am now transitioning into a Strategic Projects role at the Alliance College-Ready Public Schools and am starting to get my creative wheels turning for how to grow our students' college graduation rate from 16% to 75%.

As a professional, I can tell you that I am always itching to do more, something bigger and bolder. I am passionate about education and serving those most in need. I'm a creative problem solver, strategic thinker and collaborative team member. Not to mention, I love to have fun at work - a sense of humor keeps things relaxed, even in times where most would be very stressed. I am passionate about the work I do and am looking for like-minded tech professionals ready to disrupt the education space.

Here's 1 idea that has been floating around in my head for a while:

One big issue that I see facing students, families, teachers and school systems alike is that data is usually unavailable or extremely hard to find that helps a teacher support his/her students. Furthermore, it's hard to set goals because data is lost from year to year. Why? There's no central system where this data is housed and this data is not owned by the people who need to see it every year - the parent.

I need a developer who can help me create a simple system that houses all the different types of longitudinal data that parents and teachers would want to know about their child - grades, standardized test scores, student work, contact information, etc. While this information would be proprietary to the parent, the parent can then share whatever information they would like with a teacher.

Imagine a teacher that, before the school year starts, already knows who the students are, academically and personally.
Imagine a parent that knows exactly how his/her child is doing academically and socially in relation to established goals.
Imagine a student who also knows their academic performance and can set and track their progress towards their goals.
Imagine a school district that can crunch data investigating the correlation between reading levels and performance on the SAT in a matter of minutes.

Product Management
Managing People

Loyola Marymount University

Urban Education Administration and Policy

- 2013

University of Maryland at College Park

Information Systems, Marketing, Operations Management

- 2011


Single Subject Mathematics Teaching