Christy Wilhelmi , Founder


Los Angeles, California, US

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Agriculture Hospitality Education


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Founded 2+ startups

About Christy

Organic gardening expert, founder of Gardenerd and author of Gardening for Geeks. I grow my own food, have chickens and bees and love what I do. I'm looking to expand my reach individually and as a brand. I've found more work on television and radio as a garden expert than I ever did as a dancer/actress/model. I'd love to find someone who can promote/represent me as an expert for film, television, radio and speaking engagements.

Also, I'm looking for interns for office help as well as "out in the field." Those with interest in learning more about growing organically and sustainably would thrive at Gardenerd. I'm looking for someone willing to get dirt under his/her nails, try new things and dive in head first.

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