Louis James Tromans

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Founder of TradingCompared
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About Louis James

Newly started entrepreneur with a youthful perspective on the world. Who has ideas for the financial and pharmaceutical industry ready to be developed further. I have little experience with startups, yet have qualifications in business, self taught economics and completed courses on the financial markets. Along side that i have first hand experience in the pharmaceutical industry and trade the financial markets.

I am a driven individual who wishes to take this lifestyle full time, being able to develop products, services, software and technology in the aid of humanity, by revolutionising specific industries one day at a time.

I currently work within the pharmaceutical sector and have first hand experience in the financial markets. I'm well versed in Forex and stocks and will use these as tools to create larger revenue in the near future. I have family invested in real estate and will be carrying on this legacy as I acquire my own wealth.

I have very close members of my family who run a full scale business and I have learnt a lot from them over the years, that i now use to propel my own company.

I use social media on a regular basis, I'm currently attempting to create a personal brand around myself through Instagram, marketing myself - this has taught me a great deal in how to create brand awareness and recognition.

I'm also a regular gym goer and will go upwards of 6 times a week. However work comes first, the business I'm creating is my priority. I spend my nights and weekends working on this, and will spend more hours taking annual leave from my 9-5 if a co-founder/investor can help out with certain aspects.

I have a best friend in the Royal Marines with coding knowledge and a girlfriend who works at HSBC, who is also willing to help in the business in any way possible, such as customer services for example.

I live near Birmingham and will occasionally go out with a social circle for drinks as such. However my main time is dedicated to business, trading or going to the gym.

I am happy but not satisfied in the slightest with where I am career wise.


Facts don't care about your feelings - Ben Shapiro

Work Experience

Pharmaceutical Sales

DE wholesaler

January 2019 - Today

Sell medication to pharmacists


King Edwards College

A level Business studies - A grade

2016 - 2017