Louis Lapat

Chicago, Illinois, US

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About Louis

I have a prototype on the app store, it sort-of works. Check it out:
I'm looking to launch in March, I'm looking for an iOS person to take this to the finish line with me.

I am a documentary filmmaker and I also love apps. I put these together to make Video Tag, an app that allows you to shoot a video and invite your friends to add onto the video. Just like the game 'tag', you tag your friends and they tag their friends, Video Tag edits the video together for you. I've done a lot of the heavy lifting on the technology side but need someone to help me take this to finish line, ideally an iOS coder. Video files and video processing live with AWS. I have a small team of people advising me in business development and PR. I am an iOS and Java coder, looking for someone just like me to split the work on some level.

1) Ideally, you code iOS and I would take care of the Java server. Ideally you are comfortable with working with video on iOS and AV Foundation framework but it's not required. There's plenty of standard UX stuff that has to be changed too, maybe you love UX stuff? A pretty major UX overhaul is in the works.
2) If you are not an iOS guy, maybe you can develop an android version of the app and can help with the Amazon Server side while I take over the iOS.
3) Or maybe you are a sick designer that wants to help with the UX concepts.

Lets do this!