Louis-Philippe Mathieu

Montreal, Canada

Louis-Philippe's Skills
Product Management

About Louis-Philippe

Having a business is a life’s vision. Something I have cherished since my childhood. As time goes by, the reasons to become an entrepreneur are getting clearer and motivate me even more.
First off, it is about self-actualization. I want to go beyond my limits, prove myself as a unique and respected businessman in my community. Secondly, I want to build a company that has an identity and a vision. That these identity and vision are well communicated and gathers people. A company that shares my values and that all employees feel they belong to and take ownership in. Thirdly, building a long-term company that is recognized and respected in his field. A company that innovates and always challenges what others take for granted.
I’m passionate with innovation. I’m a marketer and marketing input can be found at every stage of innovation. Referring to a solid product development cycle, innovation is at the center of all companies’ activities and it gathers all functions of a business behind a common goal. It starts from market analysis and understanding customer needs and trends. Once a solid analysis is completed, opportunities are moving into a funnel where development, creativity and engineering take place. The science of transforming an idea/concept into a tangible product and elevating the idea/concept through collaborating with people from different horizons is so exciting. Finally comes the challenging phase of go-to-market and diffusion of the innovation.
Innovation requires vision, strategy and the right culture. To be truly successful, it also requires commitment and passion!