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My name is Love and I'm new to the 'founding' business and hoping to find a partner that not only has the desired skills but can be friends with. I am knowledgeable in web programming design, Java and C+. I've recently established a startup involving a mobile app and would like a tech that has more experience to also join me, hopefully one that is experienced with iOS.

I am dedicated and a team player. I like getting things done right, perfect, if possible and on time. But no one is perfect, right? I received an award for contributing to the development of the governemnt cloud. Thought I'd just slide that one in there.

I love travelling, playing video games and badminton in my spare time. I also have a charity that deals with helping youths in Africa (Nigeria) establish themselves. I may seem like an introvert but...I probably am.

Anyway, I have the best sense of humour. That should count for something.

I'm female btw, hi.


Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve - Napoleon Hill

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IT Advisory

Ernst & Younf

May 2017 - Today

Service Developer

Galaxy Backbone

October 2015 - October 2016



May 2014 - Today

Charity that focuses on the youths by helping them learn new skills to further improve themselves and possibly lead them to become business owners.

Founder and CEO


February 2017 - Today

WearThat App - A mobile app startup currently in development. For more info, visit


Aston University

BSc. Computer Science

2012 - 2015


TestDome HTML/CSS, JavaScript