Lucian Mateescu

Bucharest, Romania

Lucian's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Lucian

I'm full stack software developer for more than 25 years, working in both startup and enterprise environment. My first website was way back in 1996 :).

Since than I had experienced my first startup too.Working for both big enterprises and organisations as CME, BAYER, WHO, but also bootstrapping some software solutions as software contractor give me confidence that I will succeed to scale-up my current project.

My latest projects in Social Media Management, Social CRM and BPM, allowed me to build Business Box ( ) - an complete Marketing Automation platform, solution currently in beta phase.

What is BusinessBox ?

With Business Box you will manage Social Media presence, have access to full activities reports, schedule posts, launch promotion campaigns, all using integrated Facebook applications.

SEO assessment is a built-in feature, which will help you get most of SEO best practices, keeping your content attractive for visitors and for web crawlers too :)

Engage visitors and convert them to leads. Acquire leads, then nurture them using simple but efficient drip programs.

What I'm looking for ?

I am looking to team up with Sales/Marketing/Business Development experienced co-founder to boost the product launch.

If you want more details, or just want to say Hi, please send me a message :)

Co-working Space

Impact Hub Bucharest

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