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Hello :)

Product: I am currently researching and developing a remote patient monitoring software for application in mental health, with potential for wider application. It has a strong foundation in data science. We can talk more about the idea face-to-face.

Sought: I have loads of ideas and energy on the product vision and commercial side of this (fundraising, marketing strategy, partnership creation etc), but I am not a tech person (yet - I'm learning how to code!). I'm looking for a smart and ambitious data scientist/developer (London) to help me build the algorithms and potentially the platform. Expertise in biodata and machine learning would be great. We can see how it goes, but I am looking for a co-founder at the moment as well - a real partner to embark on this journey with me with big rewards to match.

The problem: What's the best way to collect data? Which variables should we focus on? How can we analyse it? Is it possible?! How can we integrate the product into the external systems of our customers? What form should the platform take?

Me: I basically had a pretty successful first six years out of uni and am now lucky enough to be able to more or less live off investments I made with in those years - meaning I can now focus on the super interesting stuff! I'm positive, open-minded, focused and have lots of energy for this project - developing it has been really fun. I'm one of these people who genuinely loves learning. I'm also very passionate about this idea and think it could be huge if we get it right.

Offered: Potential for significant equity. To be discussed. I am also pursuing funding right now - whatever money I receive will directly go towards yours and my salaries so we can pay the rent :)

Experience: I won't pollute this area with my experience - check out my linkedin page. I have a track record of creating and commercialising successful products :)

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January 2016 - February 2016

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Glasgow Caledonian University

First Class BA (Hons) Business Management + Award for Best Dissertation in the Business School

2007 - 2010