Luis A. Fernandez

Miami, Florida, US

Luis A.'s Skills
Product Management

About Luis A.

I am a medical doctor who's finishing his plastic surgery residence (couple of months away) at Ivo Pitanguy Institute at Rio de Janeiro, Brasil and has always being passionate about technology. Me and another co-founder (MPH student at Johns Hopkins) have a startup called Doktuz ( Basically is a social professional network for the healthcare industry (we already were one of the winners in a local startup challenge It's a very cool concept and very different from what's out there.

Our goal is to join a techstars program (preferably Winter 12) and grow/escale this network.

We're looking for someone (programmer/developer) that understand the concept and falls in love with it. This project has an amazing business model, but more than that, it has a social impact that could really make a difference in the health industry.