Luis Berga

Austin, Texas, US

Co-Founder at Music Meets Video
Luis's Skills
Business Development

About Luis

I have been fortunate enough to have had some tremendous experiences in my college and professional life, that have shaped where I am and where I am going career wise.

In college, I was a Founding Father of a fraternity on campus. The growing pains of starting a new organization, mixed with the satisfaction of seeing it develop and flourish, are two things that have really inspired me to start things on my own no matter how difficult they may seem. In many ways, that was my first taste of taking an idea and turning it into a well oiled organization. Much like starting a new business venture, we had to get organized, get funding, promote ourselves and set up processes that could be taken over by the next generation of leaders for our fraternity.

Being involved in business development professionally has given me the tools to understand the practical side of building a business and increasing my network of influence. Unlike starting my fraternity from the ground up, the companies I've worked for have already been established entities where my role has been to further increase our revenue, visibility, brand awareness and referral source network. I've learned how to use networking and face to face interaction, email marketing, and social media marketing to promote a brand or company. I plan to use this blend of tools and experiences to further my career and to continue to develop professionally.

Work Experience

Senior Associate Bio/Health Sciences Vertical

Austin Technology Incubator

September 2015 - December 2016