Luke Blackburn

ViƱa del Mar, Chile

Luke's Skills
Product Management

About Luke

The Vertico team is comprised of myself and a Brazilian co founder who is a business development professional. He has been working in our industry for 7 years and knows the dynamics very well. I have specializations in finance and design.

I am also Partner at Exosphere (, a learning and problem-solving community in Chile. We have a huge international network of entrepreneurs and business professionals at our disposal. The problem is that all of our programming contact are tied up in projects and other activities.

Our company already has been validated in the market by several large firms. They are just waiting to test our beta software and we are extremely confidant we will be able to close the sales by end of Q1 2015.

This is a rare opportunity to become co founder with an established team and a strong possibility to make money within 9 months of project start. As I previously stated, we would normally not inquire about such an opportunity as we prefer to work with people that share our philosophies but we do not have that luxury at this point and need to move forward as quickly as possible.

We need someone who can commit at least 30 hours per week to this project.