Luke Hammond

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US

ENTP - That's me in a nutshell!
Luke's Skills
Business Development
User Experience
Product Management

About Luke

I'm 100% an ENTP and have only just found out. Imagine the light bulb going off when I found out. I have tried my hand at a couple of start ups but have found that I'm in need of co founders.
Primarily I hail from the Hospitality Industry but for the past 13yrs I've been floating around the world making sure the 1% of this globe "have a good time". Yachting is a unique industry but one where you wear many hats & can be a high stress environment.
I love adventure, and come with numerous ideas ready for evaluation. I'm looking to get into an online venture that allows me the flexibility I need. I want to get into something that we can monetize from Day1, and that has a little sex appeal :)