Luke Johnson

Boulder, Colorado, US

Luke's Skills
Business Development

About Luke

Experienced corporate development professional working to found NeatCapital, Inc. to deliver a fast, efficient, and reliably competitive funding source for mortgage loans. The current objective is to build a mortgage crowdfunding platform that can scale nationally to become a top lender in the next 5 years. The idea is to change the process to create an automated and lower cost way to originate loans and offer a product that is wildly simple for consumers. Key advantages of a revised origination process include no financing contingencies (competitive with cash offers) and closing timelines 30 days faster than national banks.

About me: I am an alpine skier, parent, and founder with a background in corporate development and financial services. Industry experience posted on site: I was recognized by the Berkeley MBA program at commencement in January 2015 with the first "Fifth Principle Award" for "always choosing graciousness, spreading infectious joy and goodwill, and exemplifying each of the defining principles of the Haas School of Business." I would be happy to provide references during process which will offer objective background on work dynamics.

What I am seeking: Looking for intelligent and hard working team members with strong ethics. Would like to give team members the ball to allow them to excel independently as there is so much to do. I am also actively seeking advisors, particularly those with leadership experience in origination and the secondary mortgage market.