Luke Mattson


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Pharmacist, Founder
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First time founder

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Currently a pharmacist with a major retail chain, but looking to start a business within healthcare IT. This business would aim to improve patient care through "big data" and advancing better communication between healthcare providers, payers, and manufacturers.

I am looking for individuals with engineering experience, preferably within healthcare, to build applications necessary for business. I am also looking for healthcare professionals with knowledge/experience with electronic medical records/systems.

My experiences working in the healthcare industry has taught me that the major issues facing patients and providers is the lack of transparency and increasing complexity of treating multiple disease states. What I am working on seeks to bring together the variables that affect patient care and enhance the ability of providers to better manage patients. What I am looking for are individuals with technical skills to help me build the product. I can finance the development aspects of the business, but will not be able to provide a significant amount of compensation for this to be a full-time position initially. Therefore equity will be provided for your services.

If interested, or would like more information, please contact me.

Thank you


Temple University School of Pharmacy

Doctor of Pharmacy

2013 - 2017