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Luke Simshauser

Designer, Product Manager

Sydney, , Australia


About Luke

After 8 years in Film & TV, I've decided to disrupt the industry.
I aim to commoditize the initial stage of the video production process with a design centric product.

I've spent the last 4 months working full time on, my startup.

I'm looking for a coding guru with a desire to disrupt an industry. Someone who understands the importance of amazing design and usability. Someone who has a penchant for front end & enjoys building beautiful HTML5 web apps.

My skills lie in the UX, UI, prototyping & visual design realm complimented by strong branding & marketing ability. I have in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of the TV, Film & video production industry and plan to leverage that in building an sustainable SaaS business, initially with and eventually with a suite of products for the industry.

I am currently validating the idea across a few markets and honing in on what i think is the target.

If this sort of thing sounds interesting then get in touch!