Lynn Sturtevant

Los Angeles, California, US

Lynn's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Lynn

I'm looking for someone technical and proficient in web development.
I'm involved in a couple different start ups that have huge potential with the right technical cofounder onboard.
I have a great business sense and enjoy the marketing and business management side of things, but unfortunately don't have all the skills needed to make my ideas come to life. Communication is important to me and I strive for excellence.
This is a collaboration so you should be a fantastic brainstorm buddy. If we are not close enough to meet occasionally in person, communication is even more important.

One of my ideas involves reinventing the way people interact with a $97 billion dollar industry and approaching from a interaction pov to improve the consumer experience.
Second concept I'm needing a dev for its taking a online product already on the market and making it better. The current competition is not actively updating their product and it has since become sub par. This would involve a website, mobile app, browser extension, consumer side website integration.

I don't need a cofounder that can do everything my startups need, just someone who knows what we need to get it done. From there we can reach out or hire someone able to accomplish that task. Where I fall short is being able to communicate to a dev in technical terminology. My cofounder should bridge this gap.


Southern Oregon University

Business Management and Marketing

2017 - 2017