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Boulder, Colorado, US

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I'm a special education teacher by trade. I live in Boulder with my husband & handsome dog. I'm a reader, runner, & an introverted thinker. My goal is to change the world by creating technology that closes the information gap between parents and the complicated educational process.

Parents of children with learning differences have long experienced frustration with both public and private educational systems. Special and Gifted Education are both underfunded mandates. Because of limited resources and outdated attitudes, school districts and private schools often misrepresent the law, their resources, how they can asses a students needs, what they can do for a child on both a macro and day to day scale and what parents can expect from teachers, administrators and other students. Parents are often left with an overwhelming amount of information, a large percentage of it false, and a scarcity of time to focus on what their child is entitled to and how to make sure their child has an effective and positive educational experience.

Technology is an underused resource for parents of children with diverse learning needs because information is overly available, poorly vetted, mindlessly designed and not easily accessible in real time. There is a lot out there but if your mental bandwidth is taxed finding quality sustainable solutions to educational challenges can be difficult to impossible. The current generation of parents entering the educational system requires and expects high quality, easily accessible information when planning for their child's education. As a special educator I know intentionally designed tech based informational tools will close the information gap and force the system work better. Providing parents with easy to use real time data, procedures, system guidance and knowledge of the law will help everyone to use their limited time efficiently so energy can go directly to the child and not into long sometimes confusing meetings.

Most recent numbers show that over 6 million children access special education in the United States. Gifted students are up to 8% of the student population. As students receiving gifted education, special education or both leave school, more enter the preschool system. Medical science is becoming better at describing learning needs and education reform is working toward helping teachers to provide all children with the best education possible. Parents of children with learning differences need real time, 21st century access to educational expertise. Highly curated information and mobil applications can bring it to them if they are well designed and backed by experts. All students deserve a high quality education and all parents deserve the time to focus on what really matters, their child. I have almost no startup experience but I have passion and knowledge. I will figure this start up thing out and if you are with me, we can make the world a better place for a whole lot of people!


City University Seattle

Masters in Education

1994 - 1994


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