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I have solely developed a niche payment app in London that has been validated by high end mobile app development companies based in San Fransisco. As a disclaimer was exercised there is no risk of imitation and to secure the safety of the idea itself, I was also weary to dab on the core idea rather than the accessories of the app infrastructure that will later follow to add value.

As I had been working on this project alone it has taken me some time and investment to get to prototype stage. I believe my motivation should reflect the seriousness of my endeavour, throughout this time I have been researching many startup accelerator groups to ensure this kind of app has not yet been formalized.

I am now looking for a founder with the experience and passion to drive this project to the next level in relation to securing funding from one of many accelerator campaigns. I understand as an experienced founder you have seen many great ideas that never developed traction, I can assure you I have no intention to waste either one of our time. The app has been developed to solve a major payment issue that is simple for end users to grasp, as the app is themed around payment services, I am searching for a founder that has raised funding in the past but perhaps failed to successfully launch their business in accordance to the business development plan or alternatively a competent indervidual.

This app will have the consequence of disrupting the entire payment market, attract mass media articles and promote word of mouth marketing and to finalize my pitch I dislike exaggerators however I believe with the right execution plan this app will attract unicorn status.


Roehampton University

BA Education

2007 - 2007


Apple Logic Pro Certification