M S N Karthik

Hyderabad, India

M S N's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About M S N

My Designs make an great Impact out in the real world. Apart from design, am a good speaker. Needless to say that I have a completely different vision of things around me. Before working full time as a UX Designer in an MNC, I have worked for various startups and on freelance projects. I was the Design Advisor for SankalpTaru Foundation, an eco startup which aims at covering the planet with trees with it advanced technological plantation application. Apart from that, I have worked with Jaxl, an XMPP platform-as-a-service application. I have also designed applications for European railway ticketing and Vienna Airport Information system, as part of my research work in Austria. My Bachelor Thesis includes Viral Marketing, and a cognitive psychology project dealing with children suffering from Autism.

I want my co-founder to be able to manage whole development activities.