Mac Pusung

Boston, Massachusetts, US

looking for Product Engineer cofounder. recently submitted an idea to a challenge; Harvard/Cambridge
Mac's Skills
Research Design
Research Papers
Research Planning
Research Project Management
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

Age Group


About Mac

we recently submitted an idea to the Spaulding Challenge,

My background is in academic medical research -biological and medical sciences. Others in my team represent computer science, physical sciences, and finance.

I'd like to meet an engineer who has experience in product design (mechanical, electrical, biomedical engineer). Also open to meeting with data scientists, computer scientists, fellow biologists/clinicians, animators/web developers, business people, and anyone who wants to learn with us as this is our first submission.

Open to joining other teams as well for other projects.

Co-working Space

District Hall and Google Hangouts

2017 - Today