Maciej Fita

Naples, Florida, US

Maciej's Skills
Product Management

About Maciej

I've always had a passion for marketing and branding. In the 6th grade, I tried to create my own skateboard brand, and dreamed of starting my own company. It wasn't until several years, ideas, and experiences later that my dreams finally became a reality. Today, I'm co-owner of one of Boston's clothing lines, as well as the founder of Brandignity, a boutique SEO firm that specializes in bringing business dreams to life through a variety of inbound marketing efforts.

After receiving my undergraduate degree from Northeastern University in Boston, I got my feet wet in a few different industries until I finally met my calling in 2008. Just a couple of months after starting my career in SEO and website marketing, I helped launch BHK Clothing, and began to build a diverse portfolio of successful branding campaigns. Two years later, I decided it was time to bring my own unique twist on SEO to the business world, and was born.

I believe that search engine optimization is more of an art than a science. Without a marketing-based approach, SEO is useless. Yet a number of companies only focus on the technical side of website optimization. I started Brandignity to provide businesses with an effective alternative to traditional techniques. There's no blanket solution that will meet every business marketing need. A successful campaign must be tailored to fit the company it serves. Search engine marketing can solve all these issues, but each scenario requires its own creative approach. These are situations I encounter every day – and I love having the opportunity to improve them. Brandginity is a dream come true for me, and it gives me the chance to help other people do the same.

My work is published on a variety of leading websites, representing several different industries.

• Bank of America for Small Businesses
• IT World
• Mashable
• America Marketing Association of Boston
• The Washington Post
• PC World
• ReadWriteWeb