Maciej Galkiewicz

Berlin, Germany

Looking for a co-founder/partner for a new venture in agriculture
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Product Management

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Founded 1 startup

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About Maciej

The long-term vision is building an organization which increases the profitability of farmers, facilitates environmental sustainability and improves consumer health.

I and my team are good at:
* Strong drive to build impactful products with innovative business models (e.g. we appreciate to some extent what Farmigo and indigo did)
* Strong analytical skills and data-based decision making
* Understanding of the importance of collaboration with various stakeholders
* Experience and skills in building a strong company culture
* Skills in attracting, onboarding, training, and retaining talent
* Lots of managerial and leadership experience and skills
* Experience in crisis management
* Experience in running remote organizations
* Technical expertise in software development and IoT (sensors)
* Experience in online marketing and sales
* Funding for the first ~2 years
* Existing team of 20+ individuals

We are looking for an entrepreneur with a background in agriculture or a farmer with an entrepreneurial spirit. Someone who is not satisfied with our existing approach to farming and wants to change the status quo on a larger scale.

What are the skills and resources that we are looking for:
* Strong drive to build an impactful and innovative solution at scale
* Willingness to commit full-time (not necessarily from the beginning)
* Access to early adopters who would be willing to provide feedback and test our prototypes
* Great understanding of agriculture and it’s problems
* Ideally experience in building companies and products
* Understanding of the importance of collaboration with various stakeholders