Mack Craft

Denver, Colorado, US

Mack's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Mack

I'm looking for a very experienced designer and developer who wants to be a part of a very special and unique start-up. I have created a universal centralized marketing system. This system can be used in every company and industry, not only as a marketing solution, but as a manage solution as well. I'm looking to have a prototype developed soon. Meeting with one of the top digital media companies in the world. This will be my fourth meeting as a contingency partnership is trying to be reached. The concept has been evaluated by two executives from two different global companies, calling the idea revolutionary. The system will need to have a mobile application, someone who know algorithms, distribution systems, web services, databases. Please let me know if you are that person. Looking for a highly success- driven team.


Colorado State University


1996 - 1996