Magnus Nyborg Madsen

UmeƄ, Sweden

Magnus's Skills

About Magnus

I'm a mechanical engineering student, having worked with 3d printing, mechanical amateur engineering and robotics for the past 3 years. I've done freelancing in CAD, translation services and web development. I'm currently looking to found or join a startup product development business in almost any area. I've previously built machinery that I use for prototyping and in order to gain experience, such as my metal-frame CNC router, a few 3d printers and various smaller projects.

My primary competences, in the order of experience, are CAD, product development, prototype manufacturing, web development, software development, experience in research environments and a good foundation in physics, chemistry and math.

What I'm looking for is primarily someone with a vision and the skills to analyse markets and come up with a solid business plan and who has knowledge of ways to do research into whether a given product will sell or not. On top of that, experience in graphic design and general marketing skills and SEO would be a big plus.