Maija Majamäki

Operations, Marketing, Sales

Tallinn, Estonia


About Maija

As Albert Einstein says "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." The only limit you have is your mind, the rest is to make your dreams and visions into action. You need to Love the journey to make the magic happen.


Co-Founder & COO of Lexit - Marketplace to Exit your startup

Work Experience

Chief Operation Officer, Co-Founder

Lexit Inc

March 2016 - Today

Lexit is the first marketplace to exit your startup, sell its assets, and Intellectual property. Exposing your startup to global buyers have never been that easy. Neither finding advanced tech and talented team. Our auction based bidding process guarantees that everyone involved in the process gets the best deal possible. Fast, easy and highly secure! Lexit - your last exit - to be launched summer 2017. Are you familiar with the startup scene? Do you have a large network? Participate in our global affiliate program and make tons of money out of your network - by helping them to exit! Ask more rather sooner than later! I look forward to connecting with you!