Maisum Farid

Indianapolis, Indiana, US

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Business Development
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First time founder

About Maisum

I am a business professional who has extensive experience in management, sales, promotions, marketing, customer service, and team building. I managed multi million dollar retail stores, building a startup (Shanis Enterprises) and cofounded an app startup. I am seeking to join tech/development startups or to be joined by individuals with programming and development experience.

Shanis Enterprises is a startup; we are building the company from the ground up. This is an opportunity to be completely creative and build superior tech and business development understanding. As a company we understand our market and the need for our websites. We will be encompassing an entire lifestyle of a rising culture. We welcome high risk with a conservative plan that is fit to develop the company and maintain its success for long-term growth. Our strength will be in combining visual simplicity and advanced features. During this process our goal is to build a dynamic team of individuals that have extraordinary talents and determination.

Shanis Enterprises mission is to build the web's most convenient, secure, and cost-effective payment solutions and sight unseen global trade regulation platform, with our patent pending process for We will simultaneously also develop a platform that unifies peer-to-peer business and social networking, Both websites will operate in a partnership -- risk management and global trade regulation is key competitive advantage. The abilities include enabling revenue, preventing fraud and managing credit and other risks in online transactions.

We are looking for exceptional, senior software engineers with a strong command of C++ in a UNIX/Linux or UNIX/Windows environment or other languages to help lead the ongoing design and development of and core technology platform. The ideal candidate has a strong understanding of relevant web protocols and design patterns. Strong problem solving abilities will be critical for success.

Job Responsibility:
• Work with team architects to define requirements and approach
• Drive both high-level and detailed technical design documents and conduct design reviews
• Provide feedback on architectural and implementation enhancements
• Provide technical guidance to other software engineers
• Implement new, highly scalable and available architecture components
• Enhance and maintain planned components of the core platform
• Participate actively in team and company wide architecture discussions
• Employ technical expertise to help team members overcome technical problems
• Adhere to release/project schedule and milestones
• Complete beta version 1 in 6 months and have finalized platforms ready for launch in 12 months.

Job Requirements:
• Senior earning a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and/or MSCS preferred or earning a Masters in Computer Science is required.
• Ability to self-organize and work effectively within a small team with minimal supervision
• Develop on a cloud based service
• Understanding developing secure transactional software products
• Understanding of peer-to-peer web platform structure and connectivity
• Understanding simplistic and quick design
• Expert programing language skills are required with demonstrated ability to resolve complex problems
• Strong verbal and written communication skills are required due to dynamic nature of discussions with other engineering and product teams
• Experience with refactoring in an object-oriented environment is a plus
• Prefer expert level SQL skills with demonstrated ability to tune and optimize database queries
• Prefer knowledge of performance tuning and query optimization of large commercial databases
• Prefer knowledge of QA Automation processes and tools
• Knowledge of HTML, XML, Java, UML is a plus
• Ability to teach and explain methods of developing and
• Debugging and glitch discovery and resolution abilities.


Indiana University

Public Affairs

2013 - 2013