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Alfredo Scarano

Business Developer, Marketer, Product Manager

Manila, Philippines


About Alfredo

Highly skilled and trained professional experienced in a diverse background in all facets of the fashion retail and information and technology industry. Also, possessing a keen eye for business development and productivity and seeking a position to enhance my skills and abilities in the Information Technology Industry that offers professional growth while being resourceful, innovative and flexible. Results driven, with an up-to-date knowledge of IT industry and fashion trends, leading teams, overseeing the management of multiple outlets as well as an in-depth knowledge of emerging technologies and a track record of successful implementation and driving of on-line technological programs for business growth opportunities. Good understanding of the main issues and problems of working in national and international financial markets and the mechanisms of monetary policy.


• A versatile professional with extensive experience in managing a chain of fashion retail stores over the past eight years.
• Analysing IT requirements within companies and giving independent and objective advice on the use of IT.
• Installing and configuring computer hardware operating systems and applications.
• Monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks.
• Highly organised, self-motivated and innovative with the ability to successfully manage multiple projects simultaneously.
• Excellent level of Information Technology skills including Troubleshooting, Network shooting, Basic programming (MySQL, HTML, java), CRM software, CMS application, Microsoft office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite ( photoshop, Dreamweaver), Windows and Linux operating systems.
• Troubleshooting system and network problems and diagnosing and solving hardware or software faults.
• Working with other web specialists including web developers and graphic designers.
• Registering web domain names and organising the hosting of the website.
• Testing and evaluating new technology.
• Talking staff or clients through a series of actions, either face to face or over the telephone to help set up systems or resolve issues.
• Innovative, effective leader with the ability to manage, train and motivate teams to perform at their optimum level.
• Ability to deal with a wide range of clientele to meet strategic company goals and deliver an optimum level of service.
• Building of a solid customer service base with sales of approximately 1.5 million US dollars annually.