Manling Wu

New York, New York, US

Manling's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Manling

I have experiences and resources related to international education. Idea, including business model, is developing.
Looking for App/Web developer (telecommunication, e-learning would be a bonus) as a co-founder.
Also welcome business developer who is interested in international education.

below is my mini bio:
Manling Wu is a second­ year graduate student in The School of Media Studies Media Management Program at The New School. She is the co­-founder and past chief editor of the International Education Magazine in China. Manling is an award winning editor, her feature article “How to find your G­ spot: Chinese animation?” won a 2007 Time Out International Awards.

Stemmed from the experience and background with working with underrepresented international students with a low SES (Socio­ Economic­ Status), Ms. Wu is highly interested in pursuing a career that would allow bridging the gap between international students and opportunities for those students to pursue post secondary education.