Manny Crespo

Brisbane, Australia

Manny's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Manny

I consider myself of a senior enterprise level sales manager /bdm and also an experienced online marketer. I have managed teams and built lifestyle startups in the past as well as managed large accounts and negotiated multi million dollar contracts in my day job. I also consider myself very design centric having owned a logo and web business. Apart from this I love UI, UX and A/B Testing data.

With a combination of over 10 years in offline sales and 6 years online marketing I can confidently manage the sales and marketing processes for a startup.

I am an inquisitive person, often coming up with new ideas, empathetic to others, always asking why?, passionate about startups and business and looking at the big picture.

I am looking for a partner that is easy to get on with. Could be a developer or designer or similar to me a marketer / product manager. Whats most important is that we get on and have similar goals

I am interested mainly in marketplace startups and productised service startups.

I want to go after challenges that make an impact ,disrupt and are unique.

Lets do a coffee or beer if this is also you !