Mara Bogado Poisson

Chicago, Illinois, US

Founder and CEO Latin American Language Center
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About Mara

I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina.Everything started at the age of 24 (in 2007) years when I met one of my best American friends in a boring Language Institute. We first met each other in the hallway of that Institute; she approached me with a nice smile and said that she wanted to learn Spanish. At that moment I started with my first student.

After I got my degree in Business Administration at the prestigious University of Buenos Aires, I realized my passion for teaching my language, organizing languages events and emerging people in my culture. Therefore, I took my certification certified from "International House (IH) Certificate for Teaching Spanish as a second or Foreign Language (IHC), an internationally valid certificate, issued by the international House World Organization Foundation (IHWO). I thought in Atlanta, US and Buenos Aires.
I have been teaching and building programs since 2007. When I moved to Chicago for personal reasons I started Latin American Language Center in order to share my culture and language, teach the methodologies that I applied to become bilingual in a foreign language. These latest methodologies to teach Spanish to come from Europe and I included the immersion program. Now we serve to individuals and Corporations with their language needs.
Adults want to learn because of love, work, and personal growth. We serve corporations that have the need for a qualified, bilingual staff to increase their ROI.


Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently - Henry Ford


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