Marc-Alain Reviere, MBA

Dallas, Texas, US

Marc-Alain's Skills
Product Management

About Marc-Alain

I'm a creative + analytical digital marketing strategist with business development and brand management expertise; synthesizing research, art and technology to style remarkable, digital brands.

I've recently relocated to Dallas and I'm looking to team up with highly intelligent and open-minded individuals to create something remarkable and innovative in the digital space.

Over the last few years, I've helped launch or propel over a dozen small and startup ventures across industries, sectors, and geographies. Collaborators include: a craft brewery, a disaster mitigation and preparedness institute, a community focused non-profit, a digital publishing company, a TEDx outfit, a historic landmark and more.

Today, all ventures must be prepared and equipped to fight for and win their piece of the attention economy. Success requires more than a remarkable product or service, it also requires brand swagger and... that's where I come in.