Marc Rubin

Monroe, Connecticut, US

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About Marc

I've been developing software, systems, applications, and now websites for 30 years. Most of the companies I have worked for have been smaller ones (startups to 100 employees) and I've learned through good and bad examples and personal practice how to be successful. As my career has progressed, I have been a software engineer, project manager, product manager, architect, VP of technology, CTO, CIO, and COO as both an employee and consultant.

I have a CS degree from Clarkson University from the days when the focus was on algorithms, architecture, performance, quality, reliability and programming mechanics. I use all of these skills and more to build superior solutions. I've transitioned from larger systems to websites, eCommerce, and eLearning (award winning).

My preference is to join someone, or a group, that has some seed money, or beyond, but I can also build an MVP. My role(s) could (should) include technology, product management, strategy, customer service and support, finance and everything else that comes about in a startup. While I currently can build websites and systems of all kinds, I do not code mobile apps YET. I have managed mobile app development.

I have not yet before founded my own startup. Instead I have joined others as an employee and for such roles as CTO, CIO, COO, VP Technology. Titles aren't important, results are, and I deliver results.

Please reach out to me and we can discuss what you are building and how I can help. To read more about me and the technology I last used, you may view my LinkedIn profile at




Making a well thought out, yet potentially wrong, decision quickly which can be used to learn and build on is far better than wasting time and not making any decision in a timely manner. - The quickest way to know whether right or wrong is to begin. You'll know much faster whether you're right, or need to try Plan B, C, ... - Marc


Clarkson University

BS in Computer Science

1981 - 1985


Startup Weekend - New Haven, CT (YALE) - 1st place winner - Team Consensus