Marc Torras Larson

Singapore, Singapore

Marc's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Marc

I am looking for decently funded start ups in Singapore working in technology plays: from Education and technology, to e-commerce...

I have very strong experience in Sales (Managed Key Account like Carrefour and Lidl for UNILEVER in Europe) and managing and coordinating Sales teams across Asia Pacific for Hewlett Packard

I have best in class marketing training and execution experience as Brand Manager for UNILEVER which with P&G are the best know "on-the-job Marketing Universities".

I have strong international exposure as worked across Europe, in Korea and in Singapore.

Strong intellectual skills as demonstrated by a Top-MBA at INSEAD and a combined Master's Degree in Law and Business (I worked briefly as lawyer)

I am looking for co-founders with strong technical skills who need a business savvy partner who can engage with clients to accelerate feedback loop and product evolution. Co-founders with the tech savviness but open to the business eye and product development I can bring.


Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Master's in Law and Business

2003 - 2003