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Marco Oleotto

Business Development

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Startup Experience

First time founder

About Marco

I'm a professional with over 20 years of rich experience in textile and manufacturing, industrial laundry field, facilities activities and B2B/B2C businesses.
My professional experiences passing through most of the companies executive areas and top management positions up to fill the role of General Manager, contributing to the growth and success of 4 different companies in the last 15 years.
I’m a thought leader, with exceptional planning, leadership and management abilities that not only brings a proven track record but go insight into the future with an engaging style to drive company through change.
I'm analytical approach to problem solving and confidence and capability to cut to the chase where appropriate. I have strong leadership skills and be able to motivate, engage and deliver through people at all levels, both internally and externally, using my own passion, clear direction and relentless drive for excellence and results.
I have ability to analyze company needs and create unique solutions designed to yield a profitable outcome with streamlining of processes and procedures to boost productivity and sales.

• Well qualified executive with over 20 years of experience managing high level corporate operations
• Articulate communicator, capable of building lasting relationships with senior management of clients, partners and vendors
• Visionary with track record for finding innovative ways to grow revenue and increase margins
• History of success, leading initiatives for sales, marketing, advertising and product management
• Known for managing turnaround projects with 100% success rate
• Experienced in the negotiation of high level contracts
• Well versed in presentations, accustomed to addressing clients, vendors, partners, shareolders and corporate board of directors
• Championed the development and implementation of strategic plans and innovative marketing ideas


I’m at an advanced stage of project of a quite innovative mobile consumer user start-up that most probably will start in USA by the end of the year and I'm looking for a wise, broadminded co-founder to join this ambitious worldwide project, as well as some great and enthusiastic people in a different positions to be a part of the team and make this company outstanding and unique.

If this appeals to you let’s have a discussion and deepen the matter.