Marcus Adiutori

Columbus, Ohio, US

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Product Management
Business Development

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Marcus

I'm a restaurant owner and hospitality veteran who decided to resign from the operations and head to a more creative sane life. I went back to NYC to finish a degree in film and Media Design at The New School and I'm obsessed with anything "online" or referred to as a "device". I am looking for a cofounder who has a unique perspective on life and business. I tend to do things a different way than most. I founded a company built in the spirit of standing out and finding common bonds through our differences. I am a bit of an introvert even though I've worked with people my entire life, I'm happy to work remotely without a doubt. I'm looking for someone who can balance out some of the necessary networking that seems to drain much of my creative energy as well as have an open minded easy going, hard working approach to life. I love learning and I work for fun. I believe there's a group of underserved folks in this world that are looking for a fair shot, but fall to the fringes when they struggle to fit in. I believe it's possible to build a system that speaks to their style of learning and pulls them back from the fringe. I am an open minded guy who believes there's more than one way to do anything and I can be one of those misfits often enough and I'm proud of it. I am also a procrastinator by nature but the hardest working one you'll find. I've been working on an idea for the last year involving the retail and gift sector - with a unique customization approach that involves the subscription model to bring a unique spin to the the gift industry, based on my own frustrating experiences in life - there's a market of folks like me who need help solving a problem. If you have the interest to work remote or live in Columbus, or Jacksonville/Orlando, Florida where I will be relocating, I'm hoping to find a developer/tech cofounder who can help build this idea into something tangible. My career has been spent in the industry where taking care of people was second nature - and that's still the key online - finding a way to break through the monitors and connect with the person on the other side. I think we are all a bit left brained and right brained - and we tend to favor one or the other. I'm a right brained - reverse approach person but loyalty, dedication and sincerity are critical. I'm here to learn and looking to share with someone who believes in the same kind of world as me, but can add to the mix by seeing it through different glasses.


The New School, NYC

BFA Digital Media Design

2008 - 2008