Marcus Johansson

Berlin, Germany

Marcus's Skills
Product Management

About Marcus

We are a cloud hosting provider that already exists with paying customers. Our product is as good or better then most cloud hosting on the market as well as cheaper then almost any size-as-you-want clouds.

We are two co-founders behind our company who both have experience working as senior developers as well as CTO at larger companies as Nokia and Axel Springer. We have long experience working with the most common tools like PHP, Drupal, MySQL, Java, Android SDK etc. as well as senior experience working with disruptive technologies like CouchDB, Elasticsearch, MongoDB etc. We have both worked with some of the most well visited websites in the world.

We are both at the level where we basically can create any idea that comes to mind and scale that idea both in terms of infrastructure and setting up work environments where large groups can work together efficiently. We also both have long experience working with our own companies and working as consultants, so we have the administrative skills for taking care of a company.

What we got in technological experience though, we lack in marketing and sales skills. So that's what we are looking for to complement.

Our problem is to get our idea to get traction. Finding some customers has not proven to be a problem for us, but growing into a large company is. We need someone who can spend time setting up and executing a marketing plan.

We will be completely honest here - we do not have a budget for a salary for such a person in the beginning, but we are willing to give shares in the company and a CMO or a CEO position, with a good salary as soon as the we build traction. We do have some money for a marketing budget depending on level and ideas.

The person we are looking for needs to have a marketing background and at least have some basic technological understanding. Our company is located in Sweden but one of the co-founders is located in Berlin as well.

We don't have any preference on work location of the person and work can be done on distance if we feel the person is correct for the position. We have people located in West Sweden, Berlin and in the Philippines, but for a first meeting with a co-founder Berlin would probably be best location.