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Maria Brandt

Redwood City, United States
Startup stage
Technical, Business Development, Finance, Management, Marketing, Product Management, Sales
Here are my qualifications: I did significant and effective problem solving in leadership roles at PayPal and Google . My most famous work was eBay Buyer Protection eligibility. I was granted a bonus as top employee-strategic resource at PayPal -8th largest Credit Card company in US, and as an example, my spec document was used as standard for writing specs for the whole company. I won a National Award from Venezuela, which paid for my MS degree at Stanford. The GPS I developed back in Venezuela, was the only used by the Electrical Utility Company. I am looking for a technical co-founder to simplify the process of booking many services related to an event. I am developing a framework/platform to significant improve a process that is highly manual, inefficient, and big enough to be interesting. Today's process of planning an event is very painful, requiring many hours of due diligence browsing websites and emails just to get an estimated budget, and we can provide great technological solutions to facilitate this process. My ideal candidate would be an engineer who is analytical, who likes consumer market, and who is a fast problem solver. I can code a little bit, but I am stronger at using SQL and analyzing data. The technical co-founder will have to do heavy lifting to code various versions of the product, until we reach traction, and then to build the team.

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