Maria Gharaibeh

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Maria's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

About Maria

A bit of background: Engineering and Business Management masters degree holder. Currently working as an Automation Systems Engineer and Project Engineer based in Dubai, interested in moving into the digital world, solving problems with IT solutions and paving the way to a more independent career away from the corporate cubicle world ;)

I have been working on a Dubai-based interactive app and a complementary website targeting both residents and tourists of Dubai since 2015, and I have recently partnered with a team of developers and a graphic designer. We are currently putting together a prototype, and working on product development and customer development simultaneously. We are planning to pitch it to VCs or angel investors after we launch (beta testing) to validate our concept, build a user base and prove it’s market potential to investors.

I am currently interested in adding a branding and digital marketing specialist to the team (in exchange for startup equity %).

1) Experiences in digital marketing and PR, online advertisement, SEO, SEM, big data analytics, social media marketing, brand awareness, lead generation..etc
2) Based in Dubai
3) Fluent in English, Arabic is a bonus
4) Self-motivated, self-disciplined and willing to dedicate weekdays off-hours and weekends (whenever required).

Note: As per my proposal document, all of the digital and marketing strategies are already outlined and are part of the project execution plan. However, due to the workload, I need a marketer to both help me execute it, and also to act as a brainstorm-buddy to refine those strategies as much as possible.

- 'It always seems impossible, until it's done' - NM

2016 UPDATE: position taken, thanks for the proposals sent, all the best :)