Buenos Aires, Argentina

Founder & CEO of MB Terapias. Looking to expand to the U.S. & Spain
MARIANO's Skills
Holistic Life Coaching
Life Coaching
Alternative Medicine
Health & Wellness
Wellness Coaching
Business Counseling

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First time founder

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I help entrepreneurs to achieve their goals by being more focused, balanced and happier through a holistic approach 🚀

I help ENTREPRENEURS to BE WELL with EFFECTIVE NATURAL THERAPIES and TECHNIQUES that allow them to RELAX and DE-STRESS to recover their BALANCE and HARMONY at all levels.

I do it remotely, in-company and also in-person at REIKI URBANO ❲❳ my Complementary Therapies Center located in Villa Crespo (Buenos Aires).

I love helping people realize that they can feel better and be happier.

It is a simple spiritual change that makes it easier to make any other changes that are needed.

When we feel better, we function better and make better decisions!

For this, I use and integrate different techniques and therapies, such as

- Reading Akashic Records
- Psychological Consulting
- Reiki sessions
- Guided meditations

and others, reducing stress, bringing inner peace and tranquility.

These tools allow me to address the different problems from a holistic view.

When we feel good, we work better and make the best decisions! 🚀