Mario Aguayo

Miami Beach, Florida, US

Mario's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Mario

My experience in both technology and the fashion industry has allowed me to combine two different industries into one business. The emphasis of the company is to assist independent fashion designers enter the marketplace quicker and with less cost. There is a definite space in the industry and market for this product, and I want to ensure that it is implemented in the right way. What I am looking for is someone that has had experience with launching a successful consumer based software solution, as well as successful business implementation after launch. We have been fortunate enough to capture the attention of a VC firm that is assisting with business development and now we are looking to build our technical team.

Our company would need a programmer/developer that has a creative mind, as well as an understanding of the social networking industry. It would be essential that the programmer/developer have experience launching a web/application based company and understands the complexities that come with the industry. The company is based in Miami Beach, Fl. but is virtual since we understand that the market we intend to serve is spread across the US.

Just as important to the building of the software and business is the look and feel. Which is why we are actively looking for UI and UX designers. We need to ensure a robust user experience in order to attract our user base. Experience is a plus but not totally necessary, as we find at times a few new set of eyes can be refreshing.

Building the core founding team is a key part of any business, and I look forward to working with some talented individuals and make some great connections.