Marion Baillat

Sydney, Australia

Marion's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Marion

I am a passionate hard worker geek who is creating a start up in 3D holography (wearable/connected devices). Originally from France, I am an Australian resident leaving now in Sydney. I have been working in digital advertising as a digital producer for the last 7 years and currently freelancing for a leading experiential marketing agency (working on NFC/RFID products). I consider myself as a creative technologist who likes to craft beautiful and practical products. I have an idea of a start-up that I am currently working on. I admire Japanese culture, vision, dedication, service, and excellence. The company will target mainly Asia market, and Japan. I would like to find a co founder who loves product management, wearables, 3D holography technology, and if possible anime, dedicated to grow the business with me.Ideally an engineer or developers in holography. Committed people only, ideally from Japan. If it’s you, let’s have a chat.