Marius Fermi

London, United Kingdom

Marius's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Marius

I've built a prototype system of what I believe will be a hot trend in the coming years - User-Acquistion-as-a-Service. UAaaS will automate a process that has long been given a bad name - lead generation.

With the use of structured data and careful data gathering we'll be able to build a solid, automated sales acceleration process. No more boiler room style cold calling but highly targeted, bespoke lead generation with an email system to match.

What I'm looking for now is a programmer/developer that can help refine the system, take it to the next level with UX/UI and if possible, help with implementing data systems - machine learning etc.

I cut my teeth in sales and marketing when I started with a B2B focused sales training company, I was able to take the company to number 1 for SEO results, increasing m/m leads by 300%. From then on I've taken up various sales/marketing roles with a highly varied list of duties, I've been able to build up experience and knowledge that really helps with fine tuning the current venture.