Marius Zaharia

Technical, Business Development, Product Management

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel


About Marius

I'm working on an extremely exciting project: a Facebook chatbot with high social and viral impact that should become explosive in a very short time. One of those ideas that if they work, they hit through the ceiling.
This bot is much more than just a nice idea. It is based on deep AI technology I developed over a long period -, and it would not be possible without it.
I am not only a developer and algorithms guy. I have vast marketing and business experience

All the project needs to get going is me and someone who can develop a piece of smart middleware, acting as one (or several) web servers, hooking up various APIs (mostly RESTful), managing database etc.
It has to be someone capable, brilliant, creative, fast, dedicated, with flexible mind and good interpersonal skills.

If you'd like to hear more, talk to me.

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AI expert and innovator