Los Angeles, California, US

Mark's Skills
Product Management

About Mark

I am a technologist and entrepreneur hoping to change the world of performance management and feedback. I have been working in the software industry my entire career, 6+ years, and am excited about the vision my co-founder and I have.

Our company is alignologie. We are a startup company focusing on transforming performance management & employee development in the workplace. As a professional today, and as part of Gen Y, I don't receive feedback on my work enough and my managers don't know how to provide it in a meaningful way. We are developing the first real-time platform for managers & employees to guide careers and facilitate job performance.

As a startup, we are looking for a long-term team member who is a bright & savvy mobile application developer. In this role, you will be on the ground floor of a dynamic & experienced startup team. You will be able to be creative and innovative in pioneering a solution which will help organizations of all shapes & sizes.