Mark Angrish

San Francisco, California, US

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Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Mark

I'm an Australian software developer in San Francisco with 12 years experience across 3 continents predominantly in the investment banking (algorithmic trading) industry amongst others (media, telco etc.). I was employee number one at a $4.2M seed San Francisco startup in the social recruitment space but left last year to focus on my own idea.

I feel there is way to make IT recruitment easier, cheaper and more convenient for both professionals and companies. I started a company called which I am working on by myself to address the shortcomings I and many of my colleagues and employers I have interviewed have felt when making that next move.

I am bootstrapping the company myself and can provide my cofounder sweat equity and things like office space, meals, beer etc. (and computer equipment/peripherals) if needed. My plan is to complete my working prototype in the next two months here in San Francisco.

I am ideally looking for another software developer with at least a year or so of development experience. Working with Ruby/Python and Javascript would be ideal (My stack is Python + AngularJs + Postgres). Any experience with Neo4J would be good but not essential. I would expect my co founder to help with some of the product development and marketing as well as code. Ideally you can commit to two months fulltime but I will do part time with the right partner (just expect less equity! ;)).


The University of Melbourne

Engineering (Software)

2002 - 2002