Mark Catania

Mooresville, North Carolina, US

Mark's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Mark

As a lifelong serial entrepreneur and successful engineer I am again eyeballs deep into a new project. I have committed to leaving the nuts and bolts world of mechanical engineering behind and I am diving into the eCommerce global economy. As a self-defined visionary I always want to explore new ideas, new technology and live outside the box. The box is boring!
I have spent the past year doing my due diligence, market evaluation, business planning and ...blah...blah...blah....stuff. My research and MY GUT tells me I have identified a huge market that is still very fragmented and underdeveloped in the eCommerce marketplace. The industry is managed by a group of old school people who simply don’t “get it”! (Get it means they have not yet embraced ecommerce…they still think it is a fad) Opportunity is worldwide and the market size is astounding.
I am ready to launch 3 new websites in January 2013. These will be simple hosted sites on 2 different platforms so we can beta test content, build our workforce, keep costs low and take our first baby steps into the marketplace. Our initial test site is up and running and generating minimal income.
I am looking for a co-founder to be the CTO and technical adviser to the company. Since this is most likely my last chapter in business I have set big goals and I expect big results. I need big thinkers to join me as sweat equity partners to identify and define the technology pathway of the future. A scalable pathway that will support our business as it grows and technology that is proprietary so we can out-maneuver the competition. Key areas will be operating cost reductions through automation of social network content, order processing, back office management along with new SEO technology to improve organic search rankings and the automation of analytics from the petabytes of available data.
I am personally financing the seed and start-up capital. If I am fortunate enough to find one or two authentic co-founders who are committed to take this to the growth level, we will then discuss equity sharing and exit strategy.