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New York, New York, US

Cofounder and creator of a successful FinTech Software company, looking to branch out
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Associate Director of Software Development

SAC Capital

July 2001 - July 2008

At SAC Capital I managed three distinct application development functions. These functions included Intranet Development, Research Development and Front Office Development. Each function required a team of application developers, quality assurance resources and application support resources. I led each team simultaneously, following every project from inception to completion and beyond. Managing duties included client interaction, project management, hiring resources, building team hierarchies, and contributing to the firm wide technology initiatives. My role also included hands-on application development. In maintaining this direct interaction with the code I’ve continued to expand my knowledge of the latest technologies. In my 6 years at SAC I managed over 100 projects.

Software Development Manager

MIK Fund Services

July 2008 - July 2011

At MIK I managed multiple software development teams focusing on mid-sized hedge funds. The projects included full client support from requirements gathering to implementation as well as production support. Most clients had limited to no in house development staff and my teams were responsible for providing all development needs.


Ryan Associates Technology

July 2011 - April 2012

Ryan Associates was an Advent Software Premier Partner that specialized in implementing the Geneva product. At Ryan Associates I was brought in to revamp the entire technology team and lead the company through rapid growth. I instituted a new communication and organization structure to facilitate scaling our resources. I also promoted a best-practices mentality within the software development department that included proper use of a source control system, a buy vs. build analysis for all new feature development, and a software release cycle comprised of peer-to-peer code reviews as well as manager code reviews. I was also tasked with correcting the infrastructure problems that Ryan Associates faced. I helped them reduce the amount risk they and their clients were taking on by including the help of 3rd party IT support vendors where needed. In addition to my responsibilities of managing the technology team I was also responsible for new product development. I architected an entirely new product for Ryan Associates to be used to file Form PF. This product was the tipping point for a larger initiative of building a set of compliance related tools.

Founder and Chief Innovation Officer

LUX Fund Technology & Solutions

April 2012 - Today

I developed a consulting practice around the Advent Geneva Accounting system. Created procedures for the successful installation and upgrade of the product, for developing reports using RSL and RDL, and for developing integration solutions using WFM and loader. During my time in consulting I created a software product called LUX Transcend, an automation platform used to solve various technology problems for our clients. I was then instrumental in building a product company around this platform, converting LUX FTS from a consulting company to a software company. I hired the key technology resources, trained them on the platform, and implemented all of the procedures required to run a SaaS organization. I also took the product to the Azure Cloud, creating a unified product that was available both On-Premise and in the Cloud. After proving the platform as viable and developing the support infrastructure I helped the company raise Series A funding and move into a growth phase. I then assisted in hiring a Product Manager and CTO to ensure the company’s success after my departure.

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